Body Massage

Flow Relaxation Radjanenda Massage
This massage will done by the owner of 
Jaens Spa who is considered as one of 
the best masseurs in Ubud, offer the 
traditional massage based on sound 
knowledge meridian, supported by 
an active listening of the body response
 and reaction. 
( Please book 1 week in advance )

IDR 620.000/ USD 56 for 2 hours

IDR 740.000 / USD 62 for 2.5 hours

Balinese Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is a specialty massage
where the therapist uses smooth,
heated stones, either as an extension of
their own hands, or by placing them on
the body while they massage other parts
of the body. the heat can be both deeply
relaxing and help warm up tight muscles
so the therapist can work more deeply.
the benefits are warming, relieve stress,
encourages relaxation, improve flexibility and
range of motion, relaxes muscle, and
to increase circulation in the body

IDR 300.000/ USD 27 for 1.5 hours
IDR 380.000 / USD 32 for 2 hours

Radja Synchronicity Massage
As our king or queen, enjoy two therapists
 at the same time with four hands work in
tandem in gracefully synchronicity

IDR 280.000/ USD 25 for 1 hours

Bali Relaxation Massage
Enjoy this delightful blend of massage
techniques: traditional Balinese massage,
deep tissue, Thai reflexology, and face and
hand massage.
You'll leave the table swimming in bliss

IDR 220.000/ USD 20 for 1.5 hours

Traditional Balinese Massage
This relaxing massage has been handed
 down through generations in order to
promote harmony of body, mind and soul.
 The massage can easily be upgraded to
an Aromatherapy massage.
Just tell your therapist how you would like to feel
 – relaxed, renewed, revived, balanced,
rescued, or supported – and therapist will tailor
your treatment to meet your specific needs.

IDR 150.000/ USD 14 for 1 hours

Back Relief Massage
At Jaens Spa, feel the tension fade away
in your shoulders, back, neck and head
with this totally pampering and revamping
45-minute indulgence.

IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 45 minutes

Foot Reflexology Massage
Treat your feet with this ultimate tension-tamer.
Studies show that regular reflexology may assist
in strengthening immunity, improving digestion,
 and relieving headache and fatigue.
Acupressure to your desired level is applied
in order to improve overall body health.
A perfect solution for jet-lag and
late afternoon fatigue.

IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 45 minutes