At Jaens Spa, our skilledpractitioners offer traditional and Balinese treatments in downtown Ubud's most relaxing and blissful surroundings. Our pampering services are done in a comfortable and relaxed setting so you feel right at home. The décor uses natural healing elements such as bamboo, water, stone, natural light and plants. We use natural products and hand made skin care recipes to nourish your body, mind and spirit.
  Enjoy being pampered your five senses you will be stimulated by the sound of trickling fountains, alluring spa music, caring touch, a visually pleasing aesthetic, the scent of natural herbs, oils and flowers, and our tasty herbal teas as well as an optional spa lunch.


Radja Jaens Spa Packages
Pampering and revitalizing including 
a light lunch and drink

  • Relaxation Body Scrub and Mask
  • Facial treatment of your choice
  • Hair Crème Bath
  • Pedicure & manicure

    IDR 820.000/ USD 75
    5.15 hours

  • Radja Nenda Spa Package
    Pampering and revitalising including
     a light lunch and drink

  • Radja Synchronicity massage
  • Scrub or mask
  • Facial treatment of your choice
  • Hair crème bath

    IDR 660.000/ USD 60
    4 hours

  • Holistic & Beauty Spa Package
    Pampering and revitalizing including 
    a light lunch and drink

  • Bali Relaxation Massage
  • Body scrub or mask
  • Facial treatment of your choice
  • Hair crème bath

    IDR 520.000/ USD 47
    4 hours

  • Relaxation Spa Package
    Pampering and revitalizing including 
    a light lunch and drink

  • Bali Relaxation Massage
  • Facial Treatment of your choice
  • Hair Crème Bath

    IDR 440.000/ USD 40
    3.30 hours

  • All price included government tax

    Body Massage

    Flow Relaxation Radjanenda Massage
    This massage will done by the owner of 
    Jaens Spa who is considered as one of 
    the best masseurs in Ubud, offer the 
    traditional massage based on sound 
    knowledge meridian, supported by 
    an active listening of the body response
     and reaction. 
    ( Please book 1 week in advance )

    IDR 620.000/ USD 56 for 2 hours

    IDR 740.000 / USD 62 for 2.5 hours

    Balinese Hot Stone Massage
    Hot stone massage is a specialty massage
    where the therapist uses smooth,
    heated stones, either as an extension of
    their own hands, or by placing them on
    the body while they massage other parts
    of the body. the heat can be both deeply
    relaxing and help warm up tight muscles
    so the therapist can work more deeply.
    the benefits are warming, relieve stress,
    encourages relaxation, improve flexibility and
    range of motion, relaxes muscle, and
    to increase circulation in the body

    IDR 300.000/ USD 27 for 1.5 hours
    IDR 380.000 / USD 32 for 2 hours

    Radja Synchronicity Massage
    As our king or queen, enjoy two therapists
     at the same time with four hands work in
    tandem in gracefully synchronicity

    IDR 280.000/ USD 25 for 1 hours

    Bali Relaxation Massage
    Enjoy this delightful blend of massage
    techniques: traditional Balinese massage,
    deep tissue, Thai reflexology, and face and
    hand massage.
    You'll leave the table swimming in bliss

    IDR 220.000/ USD 20 for 1.5 hours

    Traditional Balinese Massage
    This relaxing massage has been handed
     down through generations in order to
    promote harmony of body, mind and soul.
     The massage can easily be upgraded to
    an Aromatherapy massage.
    Just tell your therapist how you would like to feel
     – relaxed, renewed, revived, balanced,
    rescued, or supported – and therapist will tailor
    your treatment to meet your specific needs.

    IDR 150.000/ USD 14 for 1 hours

    Back Relief Massage
    At Jaens Spa, feel the tension fade away
    in your shoulders, back, neck and head
    with this totally pampering and revamping
    45-minute indulgence.

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 45 minutes

    Foot Reflexology Massage
    Treat your feet with this ultimate tension-tamer.
    Studies show that regular reflexology may assist
    in strengthening immunity, improving digestion,
     and relieving headache and fatigue.
    Acupressure to your desired level is applied
    in order to improve overall body health.
    A perfect solution for jet-lag and
    late afternoon fatigue.

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 45 minutes

    Body Care

    Body Massage & Scrub (Relaxation)
    This treatment will make your skin smooth,
    let your muscles melt, and your spirit glow. 
    Starts with a one-hour traditional body massage, 
    followed by an exfoliating rice powder scrub 
    of your choice to remove dead skin cells. 
    Winds down with a cooling natural yogurt
     application to restore Ph- balance.

    IDR 300.000/ USD 27 for 2 hours

    Body Massage & Mask (Relaxation)
    Enjoy a Bali Relaxation Massage, 
    followed by a mineralizing body mud mask
    or Balinese boreh. 
    Then it's shower time before 
    you soak in a spice or flower bath

    IDR 300.000/ USD 27 for 2 hours

    Body Scrub + Mask (Relaxation)
    This sacred body ritual will renew your body, 
    mind, and soul. Starting with a one-hour 
    traditional Balinese massage, you'll receive 
    a rice body scrub of your choice, a mineralizing
     mud mask or Balinese boreh treatment, and 
    finish with natural yogurt application to the skin.

    IDR 380.000/ USD 35 for 2.5 hours

    Scrubs and Masks
    All treatments are followed by a Soothing aromatic, 
    flower- filled bath

    You have a choice of :

  • Green tea scrub
  • Frangipani scrub
  • Coconut Jasmine Lulur
  • Balinese Herbal Lulur
  • Boreh Bali Mask
  • Mud Mask
  • Beauty Care

    Biokos Natural Facial
    Facial with natural ingredients to clean, 
    refine, restore and moisturize your skin, 
    complemented with a relaxing massage 
    targeted at the face upper chest, neck and 
    shoulders. Enjoy a hand, arm or 
    foot massage during our skin conditioning mask..

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 1 hours

    Traditional Honey Cucumber Facial
    By a honey face massage and relax 
    under a cucumber mask with this ancient 
    combination of skin healing, and moisturizing.

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 1 hours

    Creme Bath and Hair Treatment
    Treatment for your hair with hair cream 
    accompanied by a head, shoulders, back and
     arm massage followed by shampoo, conditioner,
     hair tonic and blow drying.

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 1 hours

    Hair Wash
    Shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, 
    hair tonic and blow dry

    IDR 80.000/ USD 7 for 1 hours

    Pedicure or Manicure

    Foot or hand bath for 5 minutes, nail trimming, 

    cuticle treatment, sculpting, foot and lower legs 
    massage or hand massage. Your choice of polish
    to complete the beauty treatment 

    IDR 120.000/ USD 11 for 45 minutes = No Polish IDR 100.000 / USD 8 for 1 hour - With Polish
    All price included government tax

    Contact Us

    Remember Contact Us than we will make a free pick up service around ubud area.

    Phone : +62361 971312, +6281236866590.
    Email : jaensspaubud@gmail.com
    Website : www.jaensspa.blogspot.com

    Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    Phone:+62 361 971312+62 82 144 439 147

    Email: jaensspaubud@gmail.com
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    Are reservations necessary?
    Reservations are highly recommended to easier organize the reservation schedule other ways we have full booked

    When should I arrive for my appointment?
    Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment.

    Is there any transportation service?
    Yes. We provide free transportation services within Ubud area and out of Ubud area with low/special charge. Please check location page for further information and let us know if you require our service at the time of booking.

    Can I have a meal at Jaens spa?
    Yes. We provide selection of light meal service at our spa at additional cost, but we don’t serve alcohol. Guests are not allowed to bring their own meal from outside to Jaens Spa.

    What about payment?
    We accept cash (US Dollar & Indonesian Rupiah) and for credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Diners, Master & JCB) still under construction. Checks are not accepted.

    I want to visit Jaens spa the day I leave Bali. Do you keep my luggage?
    Yes, we have a room to keep guests’ luggage. Please fully enjoy our spa services. It’s open until 9:00 PM. To get the transfer service to airport please check our transport service page

    Can male guests enjoy Jaens spa treatment?
    Yes, Jaens spa treatment is developed for both male and female guests. We have famale and male therapist. It is popular among male guests as well.

    How about if i have children?
    We have a very nice person here at jeans spa who will take care your children during you having treatment and you needn't to be worry. Or we will do special treatment for your child as needed

    How if I am pregnant?
    We suggest the treatment which fits to expectant mother, but we recommend you to ask your doctor before the treatment to make sure that your body condition ready to get a treatment

    What if I have sensitive skin?
    Jaens spa treatment products are developed by Bali Tangi hand made natural holistic healing spa product and Biokos Martha Tilaar for all skin type. If you have specific problem with your skin, please ask at the time of booking.

    Can I get Internet access  at Jaens spa?
    Yes. Jaens spa provide FREE WI FI service at the lobby area.

    What kind of treatment room at Jaens  spa ?
    We have double room with two bath tub and air conditioner each, so your don't have worry if would like to have treatment for couple.


    Here the Location both branch

    Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

    in front of Alfa mart, Beside Panorama Hotel and Buddha&Silk.
    1 hour by car from Airport
    20 minute walk from Ubud palace,
    10 minute walk from Monkey Forest, 5 minute walk fro Bebek Bengil (dirty dark )
    2 minute walk between yoga and Arma restaurant
    1 minute walk Tegal Sari, Green field or pizza Bagus



    Length time
    One way
    Around trip
    4Km – 6Km
    10 mnt – 20 mnt
    IDR 40.000
    IDR 75.000
    7Km – 10Km
    20 mnt – 30 mnt
    IDR 80.000
    IDR 160.000
    40 mnt – 50 mnt
    IDR 180.000
    IDR 350.000
    45 mnt – 60 mnt
    IDR 200.000
    IDR 380.000
    60 mnt – 75 mnt
    IDR 225.000
    IDR 400.000
    75 mnt – 85 mnt
    IDR 225.000
    IDR 400.000
    75 mnt – 85 mnt
    IDR 225.000
    IDR 400.000
    75 mnt – 90 mnt
    IDR 225.000
    IDR 400.000
    80 mnt – 100 mnt
    IDR 250.000
    IDR 450.000
    Nusa Dua
    90 mnt – 120 mnt
    IDR 275.000
    IDR 500.000
    45 mnt – 60 mnt
    IDR 200.000
    IDR 380.000
    Padang Bay
    60 mnt– 75 mnt
    IDR 225.000
    IDR 400.000
    60 mnt – 75 mnt
    IDR 250.000
    IDR 450.000
    Candi Dasa
    80 mnt– 100 mnt
    IDR 300.000
    IDR 550.000
    90 mnt– 120 mnt
    IDR 350.000
    IDR 550.000
    120mnt – 150mnt
    IDR 500.000
    IDR 650.000

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